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Episode 1: The Quest For Lost Medicine
• Why 82% of the world uses herbs and other natural medicines FIRST
• How the carriers of this ancient knowledge were suppressed, persecuted and sometimes even killed for practicing their traditional healing arts (many of them women).
• The insidious industry that is holding our healthcare system hostage and preventing us from accessing natural alternatives (hint: it’s NOT Big Pharma)
• It’s time to bring this powerful knowledge back to the people.

Episode 2: The Invisible Seeds of Disease – Stress and Anxiety
• The “Queen of the Herbs” that makes you calmer, more energized, balances your emotions and hormones, and even helps with bad breath
• How one of the most powerful plants in the Ayurvedic tradition of India evaporates anxiety without a trace… AND improves libido and sleep quality.
• A family of herbs that is prized for their borderline miraculous ability to balance our minds and bodies out and make us more resilient to stress and anxiety

Episode 3: Healing Your Immune System and The Miracle of the Microbiome
• Why our immune system is far more than just white blood cells and antibodies. Exploring the TRILLIONS of helper organisms we have within us and how to nourish them.
• A super simple remedy for stopping autoimmune cycles in their tracks by “breaking the feedback loop”
• What most people are doing wrong when it comes to this common herbal remedy for cold and flu… PLUS the supercharged herbal combo that makes for an extra-potent immunity boost

Episode 4: Higher Brain Function: How to Sharpen Memory, Clarity, and Focus
• The wild herb treasured by Elephants, the most intelligent animal on the planet, that is a healing breakthrough for our brain function
• A simple garden herb that is more effective than most prescriptions for improving memory and focus
• The rare Ayurvedic herb that allowed an autistic child to speak for the first time in a decade.
• The vital connection between your heart and your brain.

Episode 5: The Silent Epidemic: Lyme Disease
• The 3 herbs that turned the tables for my own son, PLUS the correct dosages for kids and adults
• When to take antibiotics for Lyme… and when NOT to take them.
• How to use green medicines to strengthen the good bacteria
• A revolutionary new way of healing chronic lyme from the man who literally wrote the book on it.

Episode 6: Raising Your Energy Reserves, Getting Better Sleep and Preventing Fatigue
• An “adaptogenic” herb that has been used in Russia for centuries for youthful energy, higher stamina, agility and clarity
• An herb that will give you more energy than coffee and a ton of other health benefits – without the jitters or anxiety
• How to get deep, restorative sleep using and herbal formula that is safe and easy to find.

Episode 7: The Secret Origins of Pain and How to Dissolve It
• An ancient Chinese herbal remedy for joint and muscle pain that works in minutes
• A deep dive into the most powerful herb on the planet for inflammation and how it also works to dissolve pain in the body
• An ancient herb nick-named “boneset” that repairs arthritis, muscle pain and joint damage
• The one food-herb that you should stay away from if you are prone to migraine headaches and the right herbs to get rid of them.

Episode 8:  Healthy Hearts and Happy Minds: Solving Cardiovascular Disease and Depression
• A red berry that is scientifically proven to support healthy heart function, lower blood pressure and improve circulation
• A far-eastern herbal formula that strengthens the heart, as well as lower regions of our body that can be negatively impacted by poor blood flow
• 3 medicinal spices that have been added to dishes for millennia to nourish the heart and prevent blood disorders.

Episode 9: Cancer: Reversing The Most Dreaded Disease Of Our Time
• The promising herbal breakthroughs for cancer that are coming out of China and why 45% of cancer patients are using plant-based treatments.
• Remarkable natural healing stories of individuals who used green medicine to turn the tables on their illness.
• How to use specific herbs in combination with modern cancer therapies to get the best of both worlds.
• Refreshing ancient perspectives on this devastating disorder and its underlying causes

*Bonus Episode* on… Intimate Connections: Hormones, Sex, and Reproductive Health
• The 2 “bedroom herbs” that have been used for thousands of years to stimulate the senses, improve blood flow and enhance romance
• Breakthrough herbal philosophies around intimacy and fertility – why your body needs to be vital and in full balance in order to procreate
• The one herb that every woman should be taking during menopause to reduce hot flashes and balance hormones
• 2 herbalists who have an 85% success rate at helping women become pregnant (after everything else hasn’t worked) – and how they do it


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Ashéninka mino

sa'bura goodban

richard mandelbaum

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Meet Your Host...

Nick Polizzi has spent his career producing and directing feature length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine. He has been traveling the world, documenting forgotten healing methods ever since he cured himself of a debilitating illness using a traditional therapy when he was 25 years old.

Nick’s current role as host and executive producer of “Remedy: Ancient Medicines for Modern Illness” stems from a calling to honor, preserve and share these powerful, evidence-based healing technologies with those who have been failed by modern medicine and the system as a whole.